How much protein can your body process at once?

Probably the biggest myth about protein is that the body can only handle 30-40 grams of it at one time. There is no fixed amount of protein for the human body in general. It depends on how much activity the person does. If you’re asking how much protein our body can absorb, the answer is a lot.

The normal computation people use to determine how much protein they should take in a day is a kilo of body weight = .8grams of protein. If an individual is very active, works out a lot, and always on his feet then he would probably need about 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of his weight. He can increase it to 1.2 or 1.4 if he’s trying to build muscle (provided he works out more too). If a person on the other hand lives a sedentary lifestyle, meaning he doesn’t exercise much (or at all), just goes to work or school and has no physical activities to burn enough calorie or fats he takes, then .4grams per kilogram should be ideal. So how much of this can our body absorb? The human body can absorb more than 95% of the protein that we take so if we consume 40gramsof protein our body will process it and absorb more or less 38grams of it and the rest becomes waste material that the body willget rid off eventually.

Another important question that we should consider though is how much protein can the human body actually utilize. Truth be told, there is no exact answer for this. It may be a lot less than what the body can absorb. But as what was mentioned it depends on an individual’s activity. Let’s just use common sense for this one, a person who works out hard specially those who lift weights to build muscle takes more protein than the average joe because he needs more protein to repair or replenish worn out muscles and tissues affected during his work out session. If you don’t work out or at least do stuff that helps you burn what you need to burn then why take a lot of protein? Same with athletes,they do extensive training to test their endurance so they need more protein to give them the energy for the training and then help them recover from their strenuous activity.

Saying that the body can only absorb 30 or 40 or 50grams of protein is far from right. Some body builders, those that actually compete in body building competitions consume more than 200grams of protein a day and that is almost scary if you go by the 30-40gram myth. But these people do well taking such high quantities of protein because their body can process it and use it up.

Protein is very important, we need it to stay alive, build tissues and basically everything in our body. But most of the time it’s the quality and not the quantity that you’re after. You don’t need to stuff yourself up with it every day to lose or gain weight or build muscle or build up endurance. It’s the way we use and utilize it that’s important.

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